Humility: 5 Keys to Cultivate Humility In Life, Love, and Leadership

[ad_1] Humility A True Greatness Humility starts from a position of dignity, strength and a healthy sense of your own worth and abilities. A greatness that is rarely demonstrated, and a topic that can be redefined as a great pursuit to improve your relationships, reduce stress & increase happiness both at home and in the […]

Confessions Of A Retired Psychologist: Stress, Gun Violence And Mental Illness

[ad_1] The Stress of Life, written by Hans Selye, was required reading in graduate school for me. This text book is what caused me to become interested in the field of stress, aside from the fact that my mother used my head as a pugilist’s speed bag when I was eight years old but, that’s […]

How to Attract Your Ex Back – Love Yourself First Foremost, Relax and Have Fun and Just Be You!

[ad_1] In time like this our self-esteem is in the dump. It’s close to non-existent. But it is important to reclaim it before you can attract your lover back. Believe you are lovable and desirable just being you. You have attracted your partner once, made him/her fall in love with you -yes YOU for who […]

Do Men Love Soft Women? Discover What Type of Women Men Really Adore and Want to Be With

[ad_1] A lot of women are a little confused about the type of women that men normally like. While most men like soft women here is what they actually mean when they say “soft”. Soft doesn’t mean a doormat Ask any man and he will say that he wants a soft woman. But women read […]

Christian Evangelism And The "Parable Of The Talents," You Could Have At Least Earned Interest

[ad_1] According to the late Bill Bright of Campus Crusade, only two percent of Christians regularly share their faith with others. In Matthew and Luke, Jesus recounts two versions of the parable of the talents. Most people think of these parables in terms of money stewardship or ability stewardship. However, the same principles equally apply […]
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